My daughter’s soccer coach pulled her out of the game right after it started and motioned my over. I was wondering what was going on? When I got to my daughter the coach and another man had her lying on the ground.  She was gray in color and her face and hands were swollen huge. [...]


On my second week working at a children’s soft play centre I received what my boss called “absolutely the worst feedback the company ever had from a customer”.  I was due to host two parties one Saturday shortly after my review, the first of which was a 4 year old birthday party. The first party [...]


A needed response

I have been out of work for about 6 months now. I’m currently surviving on unemployment to support myself and two children. Right before this past Christmas, I ran out of funds. I was tightening my belt as much as I could but it just wasn’t enough to meet my needs. I paid January’s rent [...]


A new place

My family moved to Salt Lake City in 1994. We were just starting out and lived in a small 3 bedroom home, which made things rather difficult with 10 people in the household. It was during that time of our lives that we witnessed and were recipients of the generosity of people. I remember going into [...]


Storm Angels

It was 1985 and I was 8 months pregnant with our first child. My husband and I decided to go up to East Canyon Dam and spend a couple days playing in the water for the weekend. We were young and carefree so we thought it would be fun to take some blankets and just [...]


Burger King

During a particularly hard financial time for our family, I took my 6 small children out to a Burger King in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I thought we had enough money for the children to get food, as we looked at the menu and what they wanted to purchase, we didn’t have quite enough. You [...]