Livin on a prayer

Several years ago my girlfriend and I were driving from Arizona to Utah.  I was helping her move her stuff into a new condo until the day came where we could get married.  I was driving the big moving truck and she was following me in her vehicle.  We made use of some walkie talkies [...]


My parents lost their home earlier this year. It burned to the ground, there was absolutely nothing left of their life. Yearbooks, wedding dresses, family pictures, heirlooms…all life memories gone in a matter of hours. How do you rebuild a life?  In all that despair, packages started showing up with clothes and blankets, food and [...]



I placed a classified ad on to sell off some gaming tables that I no longer needed. Someone from Logan contacted me and wanted to purchase one of the tables. We agreed to meet in Farmington since I lived in Salt Lake City. I had the flu and felt cold/chills because of a high [...]


My work colleague and I were driving back from a client meeting up in Northern California. We were tired and at a standstill in the San Francisco Bay Bridge toll lane. We finally arrived at the toll booth to pay and learned that the car in front of us paid our toll fee for us. [...]


I was visiting Paris a few months ago and something I saw stuck with me. It’s really nothing but somehow it’s stayed with me. A truck driver was trying to back his delivery truck into a small street with no luck. He backed up, pulled forward and couldn’t seem to negotiate the traffic and small [...]


She saved me

In 1982 I was a small 2nd grader. I was walking alone to school when a man on a bike picked me up and started in another direction. I was terrified. I had been taught to scream but it was so early in the morning I was worried I would get in trouble for waking [...]


It was a cold rainy day in September. I didn’t want to drive, but my brother was getting baptized in the morning so I started the three hour journey home, north on the freeway. Living in the highland desert of Utah, I was not used to traveling in the rain. Visibility was low the whole journey [...]



I was in one of my contemplative moods that day. I had taken it relatively easy on a rare free day afforded me. I was a student of International Relations abroad—in Jerusalem.  After taking most of the day easy on campus I ran in to two fellow classmates and we decided to take a walk [...]