Eleven years ago I had an angel stop and help me. I’d had a baby a couple weeks prior, and was coming home from getting x-rays on my back (my doctor thought I might have broke one of the wings on my spine)…needless to say I could not lift anything more than my 7 lbs [...]



We went to eat at Chuck-a-Rama.  We have a cute little 92year old gentleman who sometimes has us take him to eat.  On Halloween we were waiting behind a family.  When we got up to pay, lady told us the ones in front of us had paid for us.  That was so kind and thoughtful [...]


At that point, I panicked

It was just after 9:00 pm and I was the last person out of the Save-o-lot on Tallahassee’s south side.  The area has been known to be unsafe at night. I started loading my cart full of groceries into my car and noticed I was the only person in the parking lot, after dark.  As I started [...]


Nothing Naughty

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend for the first time in ages. My 20 month-old son is the sweetest boy in the world but has an insane amount of energy. He was putting on a show for the people in the booth behind us, nothing naughty. Dancing, talking (trying to anyway), demanding [...]


You’re A Good Mom

A couple of months ago, right at dinner time, I needed to run to the store to pick up some forgotten dinner items. My husband was hard at work studying so I decided to take our 2 children with me- ages 7 and 2. It had already been a really long day. I had gotten [...]


The Last Straw

The compounding effect of events and challenges in life can at times overwhelm us as people. It’s that last straw that seems to nearly break us. That last straw can seem so insignificant to others around us, a cancelled appointment, forgetting a wallet, dropping a dish; whatever it is for you remember it’s different for [...]


I think there are a lot of people who are looking for ways to help others. There are those who want to make a difference and decide to take matters into their own hands. Tina tells us a story that illiterates just that. This is what she wrote: “While out shopping one day, I encountered [...]


I Was In A Daze

On October 3rd I was leaving work for the day and about to start a much anticipated week long vacation. I was pulling out of work onto a very busy road. When I was crossing traffic I failed to notice a car on the other side of a truck making a turn and blocking my [...]