It’s been a cold spring in New York. I was walking with my stroller outside of the starbucks on Columbus a few days ago. The skies were grey and the wind icy. I felt glum. I rested on a small, brick wall to rest. As I looked behind me, I noticed several bright tulips peaking [...]


Silver Lining

I was having my car towed when I struck up a conversation with the tow truck guy. For whatever reason he was warning me about how malicious people can be. I’m assuming he has seen a lot while towing people’s cars. I didn’t want to get into how cruel the world can be so I [...]


Some String Cheese

I was walking downtown early one morning this week, and a twenty-something fellow walking in front of me pulled something out of his bag and gave what looked like a stick of string cheese to a homeless woman flying a “Please Help” sign on the street corner. As I caught up to him (because he [...]


Something sweet

The other day, I was browsing the grocery store for a candy bar.  When I finally picked out what I wanted, I got my money out and stood in line behind a woman with several items.  Suddenly, to my surprise, the woman noticed me, turned around and asked me if the candy was the only [...]


Last weekend I couldn’t sleep. I was reading a book in my living room when I noticed movement outside my window. It was around 1am and I live in a high rise so I don’t see movement often. I looked and someone was repelling down the building across from me. The mystery repeller was washing [...]


She gave me a bag!

I took my double stroller and my two little boys for a quick walk to the grocery store.  One thing led to another, and I ended up with way too many items to fit in the baskets and bags I had with me.  I was holding a gallon of milk in my hand, pushing the [...]


I read an article a few years ago about the decline of neighbors knowing neighbors. No one knows their neighbors anymore. We live in a world where we are scared for our children and sometimes ourselves; so we tend to be more insular than we used to be. What that is doing to America and [...]


My 3 1/2 month old son had not tolerated his first (11 hour) road trip well, so we were flying home while my husband drove back from a visit to my in-laws. We navigated most things well at the airport but since TSA requires the removal of shoes and my son can’t sit up on [...]


My Groceries

I’m a college girl in a small town, without a car. Whenever I need groceries I usually catch a ride with my roomies to the nearest store but this week none of them needed to go. And of course, I was out of food. I decided I didn’t want to trouble them to take me [...]


Employee Discount

After a long day at work, I stopped by a café in town to pick up dinner. When I got to the register, I realized I’d left my wallet at work and only had a few dollars cash in my pocket. The young man ringing me up gave me his employee discount which brought the [...]