I was visiting Paris a few months ago and something I saw stuck with me. It’s really nothing but somehow it’s stayed with me. A truck driver was trying to back his delivery truck into a small street with no luck. He backed up, pulled forward and couldn’t seem to negotiate the traffic and small [...]


She saved me

In 1982 I was a small 2nd grader. I was walking alone to school when a man on a bike picked me up and started in another direction. I was terrified. I had been taught to scream but it was so early in the morning I was worried I would get in trouble for waking [...]


It was a cold rainy day in September. I didn’t want to drive, but my brother was getting baptized in the morning so I started the three hour journey home, north on the freeway. Living in the highland desert of Utah, I was not used to traveling in the rain. Visibility was low the whole journey [...]



I was in one of my contemplative moods that day. I had taken it relatively easy on a rare free day afforded me. I was a student of International Relations abroad—in Jerusalem.  After taking most of the day easy on campus I ran in to two fellow classmates and we decided to take a walk [...]


My mom was in downtown Salt Lake for a training and walked across the street to City Creek Mall. She was walking back to her class, when she lost her footing and fell. She didn’t know it at the time, but she had broken her radius and dislocated her ulna in her right arm. A [...]


My daughter’s soccer coach pulled her out of the game right after it started and motioned my over. I was wondering what was going on? When I got to my daughter the coach and another man had her lying on the ground.  She was gray in color and her face and hands were swollen huge. [...]